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Autel APB112

  • The APB112 smart key simulator is used to collect the data sent from the ignition coil, aiming to identify the ignition coil troubles and decode the data of the vehicle key chip. It can also simulate the vehicle key chip. Currently, it supports to simulate the 4D type chip. More key chip types will be supported with future upgrades. It can also simulate the vehicle key chip.


Autel APB112 Features:

  • 1. Smart key simulator
  • 2. Compatible with IM608, IM508, and MX808IM
  • 3. Compact but would need to be used with the XP400
  • 4. Cannot be used with the XP200
  • 5. 46, 4D data collection
  • 6. 46 smart key password calculation
  • 7. 46 chip simulation
  • 8. For T0yota 4D (94/ D4, 98) smart key simulation
  • 9.For T0yota H (88/ A8, A9, 39) smart key simulation
  • 10. Collects data from the ignition coil
  • 11. Identify ignition coil troubles
  • 12. Decode vehicle key chip data
  • 13. Simulate vehicle key chip (ex - 4D chip)
  • 14. Must be used with an Autel diagnostic tool
  • 15. For T0yota/ Lexus smart key all key lost
  • 16. Chip decoding (Hyundai 46)


AUTEL APB112 Package List:

  • 1pc x APB112 Smart Key Simulator
  • 1pc x USB cable
  • 1pc x Quick Reference Guide


VAT Included
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