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• Comprehensive and exciting range of Premier Line tool trays. • Designed to fit the AP24 Topchest, Rollcab and Workstation range and a selection from our Superline PRO® range, these trays are available in over 30 different configurations. • The tools have been carefully selected for the professional technician from our Premier Line range. • Design your own tool kit by purchasing the trays separately, or take advantage of our specially selected combination deals. • Contents: 150mm/6" Digital Vernier Caliper, 5m Measuring Tape, Digital Tyre Tread Depth Gauge (DVSA Approved), Retractable Utility Knife, 150mm Steel Rule, Locking Pocket Knife. • Tray Size (W x D x H): 176.5 x 397 x 55mm. • Lifetime guarantee*. • Tool Tray with 6pc Measuring & Cutting Set. • Suitable for AP24 Series and selected Superline PRO® Topchests & Rollcabs.

Tool Tray with Measuring & Cutting Set 6pc

VAT Included
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